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Breaking the bias in the construction industry

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day (#IWD2022) and join the movement to #breakthebias in the construction industry. Reeves Envico advocates for women’s vital role and invaluable contribution to the construction sector, and we are proud of our projects that have supported women's empowerment and economic development in the Pacific.

Our projects in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands have seen women take an active role in the delivery of critical infrastructures. Environmental and Civil Engineers Ediza Ngwae and Yvonne Qualao worked with Icon-Reeves to supervise the environmental and preliminary earthworks at Cook and Tiroas Barracks Redevelopment in Vanuatu, a joint Australia-Vanuatu Infrastructure Project.

We also recognise the young talents in the industry that our undergraduate and intern program in Australia and in the Solomon Islands has unearthed.

Gabrielle Patterson has worked with us on our Wodonga Pump Station and Echuca Water Treatment Plant upgrade. Gaby is currently in her fourth year, taking up a double degree in Mechanical Engineering (honours) & Industrial Design (honours) at RMIT University.

In the Solomon Islands, Site Engineer Beverly Mawhinney made significant contributions to the Honiara Multipurpose and Youth Hall in the Solomon Islands in her first job following graduation. Similarly, Narelle Jiro started as an accounting intern in 2020 and continues with Reeves today.

The Gizo Market Redevelopment, a project with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Solomon Islands, has empowered women to take part in the formal economy and boost their livelihoods by selling their market produce amidst climate change threats and disasters.

We are committed to bridging the gender gap and moving closer to equality—breaking away from gender bias, discrimination, and stereotypes. Celebrate and advance the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, as we encourage the sector to accelerate women’s equality.



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