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Icon-Reeves – Where Health and Safety Is Everyone’s Business

Safety Execellence Award from Reeves to Vanuatu staff
Reeves' Dan Cusack awarding the Safety Excellence Award to Wilma Kastow

Tiroas Barracks redevelopment site, there is a bustle of different work underway.

From big machines moving huge amounts of material around, to laying down seismic grade reinforcing steel and pouring concrete. Despite the wide variety of tasks on site, health and safety is always the number one priority.

The Cook and Tiroas Barracks redevelopment is a joint initiative by the Governments of Australia and the Republic of Vanuatu to deliver resilient and enhanced infrastructure for the Vanuatu Police Force. Construction companies Icon and Reeves International (Icon-Reeves) are the head contractors supporting the delivery of this large-scale infrastructure project.

Brent Maishman has worked for Icon for over 16 years, and has been Icon-Reeves Health and Safety Manager on site at Cook Barracks since works commenced earlier this year, implementing highly comprehensive safety systems.

“This includes a software platform called Hammertech, health and safety courses by the Australia Pacific Training Coalition, site inductions and daily briefings,” Mr. Maishman said.

“Workers on site are risk aware and ready to prioritise health and safety while getting the job done.”

Health and Safety Officer, Michael Tari ensures that all new workers participate in site inductions to understand how it is set up and the locations for the evacuation, first aid and fire-fighting equipment.

All contractors working on site contribute and agree to daily briefings as a collective approach to health and safety. During the briefing, each team led by foremen and supervisors discuss their work for the day, identifying risks, how it impacts those around them, and noting things to keep in mind.

“Our main goal is to ensure that all of our workers leave the site at the end of the day as they came in at the beginning of the day,” Mr Tari said.

“We value their hard work, but we care most about them returning home safely.”

Every worker site at the Cook and Tiroas Barracks redevelopment — including operators, trade staff, site managers, plumbers, electricians — are required to undertake a TAFE Queensland-accredited Prepare to work safely in the construction industry induction course at the Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC).

The APTC is an Australian Government initiative to support Vanuatu’s skills development sector to develop a skilled, inclusive and productive workforce. The eight-hour course teaches workers what to consider when it comes to their safety and the safety of the people around them on site.


Article originally published on the Daily Post Vanuatu



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