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Reeves Envico supports a COVID-safe environment in the Pacific

Reeves Envico is committed as an employer in supporting a healthy and COVID-safe environment across all our project sites and in the local communities we operate in. Our recent initiatives have helped workers access facts and make informed decisions regarding COVID-19 vaccines. We have also worked with health and business partners in rolling out the following initiatives that help gain momentum in the numbers being vaccinated:

Papua New Guinea

Reeves Envico, through the expertise of Tok Stret Consulting, have recently conducted a consultation program with staff working on the ANGAU Memorial Hospital MWTB Project, which is funded through the Papua New Guinea – Australia Partnership.

Raising awareness about vaccination choices in PNG was a key issue to address. The consultation sessions focussed on providing staff with information on the COVID‐19 vaccination program to assist them in making informed health decisions.

After the consultation sessions, 44 of the 52 (85%) Reeves personnel based on the ANGAU project have now been vaccinated – a fantastic achievement. We are proud to take part in a successful initiative which informs and helps protect local communities.

Reeves would like to thank Tokstret Consulting for conducting the sessions and providing invaluable local understanding to deliver effective messaging.

Solomon Islands

Reeves Envico Site management has taken a proactive approach to COVID-19 awareness. We started the conversation at tool-box meetings with our workers building the new Multipurpose and Youth facility in Honiara.

Ministry of Health and Medical Services educational materials and latest information updates were shared, including how the delta variant is far more contagious than previous strains. “Protect you Family, Protect our Nation” posters have been displayed around the site. Paid time off work for each vaccine dose administered was on offer.

The greatest success though was to move the tool-box meeting down to the Honiara Vaccination centre where doctors provided an informative session, encouraging the staff to receive their first dose of AstraZeneca.

Reeves Envico are also pleased to support the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) Private Sector Support Campaign “BISNIS for VACCINES”, which will encourage and reward those fully vaccinated.


The Icon Reeves Joint Venture building the new Cook & Tiroas Barracks in Port Vila and Luganville have supported on-site workers to receive their first and second AstraZeneca vaccine doses.

At daily tool-box meetings the public health benefits of vaccine were discussed. Transportation to the vaccination centre and a paid half day off work were made available to workers at the Cook Barracks. Through this initiative, vaccine doses were administered to 75% of the workforce, with the second provided from mid-August.


Since the beginning of the pandemic Australia and New Zealand have been supporting Pacific countries in its response to COVID-19. Reeves Envico will continue to play its part in this response by undertaking employer lead initiatives that inform, educate, and help protect local communities.



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