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Reeves Envico is a group of specialist infrastructure contractors with over 30 years' experience throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


Reeves Envico brings together two companies - CCB Envico and Reeves International - who have successfully completed in the last 30 years over 100 major projects in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region.


Reeves Envico predominantly works with Water Authorities, Federal, State and Local Government, Multilateral Banks, and Government Departments of overseas countries.


CCB Envico has been operating for almost 20 years as a specialist contractor engaged in the design, construction and commission of environmental infrastructure and facilities.


CCB Envico has successfully completed over 100 major projects involving the treatment of potable and wastewater.


Specialising in Civil Water Infrastructure, CCB Envico has capabilities with the design, construction and commissioning of: Operable Water & Sewerage Treatment Plants, Aeration and/or Filtration, Pumping stations, Water Retaining Structures, Inlet Works and Screening, Sludge Handling, SCADA, Pipelines and associated civil infrastructure.


Reeves is a construction company that has successfully delivered Overseas Development Assistance infrastructure projects in the Asia and Pacific region for the past thirty years.


The projects include a wide range of government public infrastructure projects for Education, Health, Airport, Embassies / Consulates, Offices and Justice facilities.


Reeves has worked closely with all levels of Government, contractors and communities in the design and delivery of construction works, capacity development, and the management of remote service procurement.



When you work with Reeves Envico, you'll discover a professional group of people who are committed to:


  • providing a quality project focusing on client satisfaction leading to growth and business excellence in the construction industry. We are committed to continual improvement of our quality system and have implemented an Integrated Management System designed to meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations;

  • providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and others who may be affected by the activities of the company;

  • protecting and enhancing the environment in which we operate. We firmly believe that sustainability is an integral part of what we do in terms of our actions and we seek to incorporate environmental principles and practices as fundamental components of our business;

  • acting with integrity, openness, accountability and ensure deep respect for all people. We act professionally at all times and are committed to our values;

  • collaborating with our clients, as well as maintaining strong relationships with all our partners and stakeholders;

  • diversity and inclusion and provide an environment of mutual respect in which people may develop to their fullest potential; and

  • sharing our knowledge and skills to support the capacity of those we work with.


Reeves Envico has valuable experience in post-disaster and emergency construction, including shelter, safe water, and sanitation solutions that utilize local community resources.


We have the experience, presence, and contacts in the Pacific to assess and prepare scopes of work, and to utilise local resources available to deal with it. With experience in post-cyclone, post-tsunami and post-earthquake disaster programs, Reeves Envico is able to mobilise experienced personnel to assess how emergency has affected key services, and what local capacity is available to implement construction or infrastructure program. By employing personnel able to manage the downstream work we can program and engage skilled and unskilled labor to carry out downstream works.


With our experience in the Pacific, we are able to advise on availability, affordability, and suitability of building materials and mechanical plant to respond to challenges faced in the Pacific. As part of our work in climate change adaptation, we assess how safe designs and techniques in relation to local hazards.


Reeves Envico can establish a construction management team to articulate our community involvement methodology and work with local government and local businesses to commence and manage the construction process.

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