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Warrnambool STP Upgrade

Construction of a new Lift Pump Station, Inlet Works (screenings and grit removal), two train bioreactor, effluent screening and associated chemical dosing and electrical works. A new 130mt long 600dia GRP trenchless outfall connection was also required.


The $85 Million Warrnambool Wastewater Treatment being constructed by Reeves Envico involves:

  • Over 80,000m3 of sand and clay is being moved to create an earthern mound to protect protect the local visual amenity.

  • Remediation of contaminated soil around the old nearby rifle butt and all disturbed areas will be revegetated to improve and match the local flora.

  • Construction and commissioning of a new influent pump station and screening facility is being built to screen Raw sewage and remove rubbish, grit and other coarse solids.

  • Provision of a new Septage receival system - to screen wastewater from septage tankers is being constructed.

  • Construction of four off approx. 5000m3 Concrete Treatment Intermittent Decant Exended Aeration tanks utilising precast elements bonded together with wet concrete joints.

  • Supply and Commissioning a a large Chemical dosing facility to serve the entire site.

  • Incorporation of a new Odour control facility - treating foul air from the influent pump station, inlet screening and septage receival facility.

  • Tertiary effluent screening - providing tertiary screening in the effluent channel of the two new IDEA tanks, ensuring no particles greater than one millimetre are discharged to the ocean.

  • All this discharges to Ocean outfall or to new re-use schemes.

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