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Kiribati Desalination Project

Photo credit: Asian Development Bank

CCB Envico, in Joint Venture with Osmoflo, is delighted to have been awarded the Kiribati Desalination Project. The project will provide 7500 m3 of water per day utilising state-of-the-art Sea Water Reverse Osmosis plants.

This win continues Reeves Envico’s proud involvement with the government of Kiribati and announces a partnership with one of Australia’s leading membrane technology groups Osmoflo. It allows us to build on an extensive portfolio of projects in Kiribati, including water network improvements, airport terminals, and sea wall construction.

The water plant's energy needs will be met by a parallel rollout of solar energy capacity being undertaken by the Kiribati Government. In developing the solution, our team strived to understand the project requirements, eventually sharing the experience between Osmoflo and CCB Envico to devise a sustainable solution that provides two purpose-built desalination systems to meet the needs of the community and the challenges of the remote location.



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